M300 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad

The M300 Medium gaming mouse pad is designed for all types of mouse sensors and any play style. Constructed with a semi-coarse textured weave design, its smooth surface allows for effortless mouse movement. Solid sewing edge of the mouse pad ensures long-term durability, prevents peeling or any warping problems. Splash-proof surface for easy cleaning, and anti-slip design providing total in-game control.

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360 x 300 x 4 mm, ( 14.17 x 11.81 x 0.16 in )
Splash-proof / Semi-Coarse Texture
Non-slip polyurethane
- Splash-proof mouse pad surface.

- A speed surface designed for effortless mouse movement.

- Optimized for all types of gaming mouse, laser or optical.

- Tracking responsiveness for consistent, reliable in-game control.

- Low friction and high performance, allowing precise movements.

- 4mm thickness provides comfort.