How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Selecting the right ergonomic gaming chair goes a long way in improving gaming performance, comfort and long-term health. When selecting the best ergonomic gaming chair, it is of vital importance to select one that conforms correctly to the contours of your body and provides all the necessary adjustment options. It is also important to note that not all chairs labeled “ergonomic” actually have all the required adjustments to be considered a true ergonomic chair. The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series on the other hand, does. This guide will help you understand the features required for a true ergonomic gaming chair and why our chairs provide users with all the necessary adjustment capabilities for optimal gaming performance, enhanced comfort and long-term health benefits.


Seat Height: optimal height adjustment should be both slightly higher and lower than your optimal setting. To gain a better idea of seat height in relation to your own height, the TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series seat height range from 18” – 22” and will suit users whose height ranges from 5ft to 6’5” tall. It is important to note that not all chairs offer this height range. High-quality class 4 gas pistons are recommended to adjust height whilst sitting on the chair, of which, the TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series use as standard.

Adjust seat with knees slightly lower than hips

Seat Base Size

TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series has a deep seat base size to ensure that it does not touch the back of your knees whilst you are sitting back on the chair. The recommended one-inch wide gap from seat width to hips is also provided as to ensure users are able to rest arms on the armrest without the need to extend.

Seat Base Depth:Correct positioning of the TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series leaves a recommended two-finger gap between the back of your knee and the front seat. This in turn allows the user to sit all the way back and position their body contours to the meet the lumbar curves of the seat.

Correct adjustment will leave around a two-finger gap between seat and back of knee.

Z-Support Multi-Function Tilt Mechanism

The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series offers a wide range of adjustability such as: back angle, tilt lock, rocking and center tilt options for an infinite amount of positions to suit user needs and requirements. Chairs that do not offer these options or only some cannot be considered truly ergonomic.

Back Angle Adjustment

By reclining the seat, it allows the chair to support the weight of the user’s upper body and relieve some of the weight from their lower backs. The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series both have tilt locks that can allow adjustment to suit the position deemed most comfortable for the user. Lumbar disc pressure and back muscle activity are lowest between 100 ° – 120 °. The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series offers angle adjustment between 85 ° - 160 °.

Back Tilt

Allows user to adjust the amount of force required to recline their body weight.

Lumbar Support

Provision of lumbar cushion for additional lumbar support and comfort.

Headrest Support

Provides additional support for the head of the user as to reduce weight on neck.


Four directional armrest movement options for height, front/back and side-to-side adjustment for maximum flexibility and convenience. The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series armrests are at thigh height during the lowest point as to ensure no interference with elbow movement during gameplay.

5 Star Aluminum Base with Large 3” Casters

The TT Premium X FIT & X COMFORT Series uses a 5-star aluminum base with internal structured design for maximum stability. Chairs using a 4-star base tend to be less stable and are more prone to tipping over when reclining. Additionally, chairs using a nylon base are also less durable and not as reliable than aluminum bases. The use of large 3” wheels for the FIT & COMFORT series gaming chairs provide utmost stability, quieter operation and free glide across the majority of surfaces compared to chairs with smaller wheels.

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