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Computex 2010 Coverage (Part 3)

Tt eSPORTS by Thermaltake
I got to use some of the products on a test setup, which featured the Challenger Ultimate gaming keyboard, Black gaming mouse on the Dasher mousepad, and a Shock headset. The Shock is only 2.1 channels compared to the 5.1 of the Shock One, but still sounded amazing. My gaming session was in Bad Company 2.



Throughout Computex, Thermaltake held gaming matchups between two professional e-Sports teams, the Tao Yuan Jets and Tt Apollos. The two teams faced off in Special Forces Online (a Counter-Strike clone). The last photo is me with Tt Apollos member Athena, and I've also included a video of her kicking butt in SFO, although eventually meeting her demise (I only provide a spoiler because it may not be apparent since death brings you to the score screen immediately).



Although the Asian market only accounts for 18% of Thermaltake's revenue (compared to 44% for the USA and 21% for Europe), coupled with its strong support for the professional gaming scene, the new Tt eSPORTS brand may soon change that. Tt eSPORTS held a global pre-sale event in Taipei, Taiwan on June 16, 2010, which saw fans waiting in line before the doors even opened.
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Johnny Hsu
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A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking eSports to new heights in the professional gaming industry. We do this through research, innovation and developing superior quality products from the ground up. Pro’s trust our gear because we equip them with everything they need to dominate in the lobby.