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WCG Quiver Shootout Day 1 Recap

After much anticipation, Day 1 of the WCG Quiver Shootout is now over. Coming into this day, many were curious to see how well the Loaded Counter-Strike 1.6 team would perform, especially with this event being the first LAN experience the guys would have together as a team. Looking at the results, it's easy to see that the the team's chemistry didn't suffer too much from the transition from online to offline.
Starting the day off, the team was scheduled to play their first match of the event at 2 PM for the second round of the Upper Bracket due to a bye in the first round. They would be playing against team Wyze, who was coming in full storm with momentum from a first round win against Team Unknown 16-11.  

However, even with this momentum, Loaded showed exactly why they were considering one of the two top teams in attendance by taking a dominating lead early on. Even with a valiant fight by Wyze, round by round still went to Loaded as the team was able to use a combination of skill and strategy to bring the first half strongly in their favor with a score of 14-1. Compared to the first half, the only way you would have caught action from the second half was if you weren't blinking. Loaded quickly managed to take the first two rounds to give them their first victory of the event with a decisive 16-1 score.

After this, the team was set to take on Apathy, who advanced after defeating Damage Inc in a very close 16-14 game. Battling this time on de_nuke, Loaded looked to continue their winning streak in convincing fashion after dominating Wyze.
However, Apathy wasn't about to go down without a fight. Starting on Counter-Terrorist side, our guys seemed like they were on their way to another 16-1 victory, but Apathy fought back to grab 4 rounds on their offensive side to Loaded's 11. In the second half Apathy looked like they were going to use de_nuke's arguably defensive bias to land a comeback, getting two rounds before Loaded was able to close the game off with a final score of 16-6. 

With two wins now under the team's belt, the players now look toward are more challenging day as the top teams of the event have been weeded out. On top of this, the team is one win away from playing in the finals of the Upper Bracket, where they'll finally meet their fellow ESEA-Invite Finals attendees, Team Evil Geniuses, who mirrored Loaded's performance on the other side of the Upper Bracket themselves.

Before they can look forward to that, though, Loaded will have to face off against team I Don't Know, who's been 16-1 and 16-2'ing their opponents so far in the tournament. That match is set to take place at 10:00 AM Eastern.

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