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Tt eSPORTS Global Challenge in France Counter Strike Tournament


eLogic Gaming association in partnership with Tt eSPORTS is pleased to present its new project! Following the recent announcement of support from Thermaltake in our structure, we are pleased to announce the first fruit of this collaboration: Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Global Challenge Counter Strike: Source. This tournament will only have french teams, and as its name suggests, will be on CSS. 20 teams will compete in a tournament a month to try to win the 500 € endowments generously provided by Tt eSPORTS and Crystal-Serv!

Registrations are open from Monday, November 8. The tournament began Monday, November 22 and ends Friday, December 18. Tournament structure:
The tournament is divided into two phases:
- The 1st phase will be the pools (5 teams / hen) in a winning map (BO1, 4 pools of 5 teams)
- The second will be a tree with single elimination (no loser bracket so) by winning 2 maps (BO3)

20 teams with 5 players per team.
5 teams are invited, 15 slots are available as you register.


- 5 * Tt eSPORTS Dasher + 5 * Tt eSPORTS BLACK + 5 * Tt eSPORTS Challenger + 2
months of Crystalcore CSS’ server offered by Crystal-Serv


- 5 * Tt eSPORTS Dasher + 5 * Tt eSPORTS BLACK + 5 * Tt eSPORTS Challenger + 2
months of Crystalcore CSS’ server offered by Crystal-Serv


- 5 * Tt eSPORTS Dasher

You will also be pleased to follow the games live through Netgaming TV. The tournament is approved by Masters du Jeu Vidéo: Counter Strike Source 200 Series. The games have started since Nov. 22. The spectators were at the rendezvous because we managed to fill the TV source (several hundred spectators!). We are now half of the Pool stages. The players are really motivated for the tournament and we had a few surprises as an ascended fantastic Sypher during their match against Nitrose! The spectators had a cold sweat!

Media Partners:

1st eLogic.Tt
2nd Sypher
3rd Nitrose

Photos of atmosphere:

Interview of eLogic.Tt

Concentration and motivation for eLogic.Tt players

NITROSE on the stage of EPS CS: S

By finishing 2nd in the EPS Season IX eLogic.Tt (formerly LORD) won € 1,500

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