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The Best Star Craft 2 Team In Turkey Talked About Tt eSPORTS

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Tt eSPORTS,the professional gaming gear provider by Thermaltake, just annouced their ambitious plan of expanding their brand into Turkey. Their first sponsored Star Craft 2 team in Turkey, Team V4 recently shared their thoughts on this. Let’s see how is the best Star Craft 2 team in Turkey talk about Tt eSPORTS~!

Team V4 members: (from Left) Oyman, Vendetta, Venom, Darvin

Onur Özgür “ Darvin” (Member): “It’s great to know one gamer or gaming community can have this kind of cooperation with such an established company like Tt eSPORTS. As one of the best Star Craft 2 players in Turkey, I’m quite confident to say that with their support we can definitely get a better ranking in all gaming events. Tt eSPORT products are really awesome. Normally as a gamer, we need time to get used to a new keyboard or mouse. However, I found that when using Tt eSPORTS products, it felt familar, it’s not foreign to me and just fit into my hands. I consider this as a very important and key feature in Tt eSPORTS designs.

Emre Sancaktaroğlu “Vendetta” (Team Leader) :I think the kind of support Tt eSPORTS is giving to Turkish gamers is showing amazing progess. As for their products, I’m obsessed with Tt eSPORTS products, especially their keyboards, which are really comfortable to use and the quality is great!

Eren Memişoğlu “ War Admiral (Oyman)” (Team Captain): Tt eSPORTS products are no doubt top of the line. My personal favorite is the Black Mouse. It’s a combination of what most gamers want. It’s fast, ergonomic and with adjustable dpi function. I think this is definitely the most important weapon to have for RTS players if they want to impove their performance. I think it’s important to have gaming tournaments to really connect gamers from around the world. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t a lot of these kind of events, and therefore what Tt eSPORTS is aiming to do is very important to gamers. I think these kind of events will enhance the competitivity of Turkish gamers. I really wish that we can create an e-sports culture like they have in Asia.

Hüseyin Mete “Pentagram” (Co-Captain and team manager): The only thing that we need right now for the Turkish gaming community is to really develop an esports culture. I think that’s definitely something that will happen in the near future now that Tt eSPORTS has come to Turkey. Tt eSPORTS is focused on bringing gamers together and getting everyone hyped up about gaming. They aren’t just trying to push their products. We should be able to expect more events and tournametns held by Tt eSPORTS in the upcoming year.

During Tt eSPORTS’s launch event in Istanbul on 27th, Dec, 2010, Team V4 memeber - Darvin, the No.1 Protoss player in ESL Turkey had a demonstration game with Vendetta, the very experienced Terran player and team leader. In this game, both members showed their superior techniques playing Star Craft 2.


For players who want to play like Team V4, one of their secrets is the Tt eSPORTS unique gaming products they’re using: the Challenger keyboard, the world’s first fan designed gaming keyboard that cools your hands as you play. The best part of the keyboard is that it’s in TURKISH! Also used is the Black mouse that has an adjustable dpi from 400 to 2000 and lets not forget the Dasher mousepad. Playing with Tt eSPORTS gear will definitely bring you closer to winning. For those who really wants to concentrate and focus on the game, the noise cancelling design of the SHOCK headset will do just that!

Tt eSPORTS products will arrive in Turkey on Jan 29th. Want to see what promotions our e
xclusive sellers are going to offer? Stay close to the event page: . And of course, don’t forget to join Thermaltake Turkey’s facebook page. Prizes from Thermaltake and Tt eSPORTS will released VERY SOON!!




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