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The German organisation Team ThermalTake, who are more commonly known for their Counter-Stike:Source teams, have now ventured into Team Fortress 2.

They have picked up the well known community side - FakkelBrigade. The team have recently been performing better and better following the additions of Jason 'kaidus' Allen and Cristian 'Dorkan' Ruiz Nunez to the line-up and the results have started to show. Topping it off by making the EsportsHeaven Full Tilt Power Challenge final on Tuesday, where the team will be looking to pick up the first place prize of €600 EUR.

The team will also hope to continue their good run of form into the upcoming seasons of ESL (Season VII) and ETF2L (Season 9). Along with looking to attend all available LAN events in the near future including i42. Where they will be hoping to do some real damage and take home first place, under their new Thermaltake banner.

Team Thermaltake's Manager 'Jerry', gave the following statement to the Team Thermaltake website

Our new team, previously known as FakkelBrigade, approached us a few weeks ago and instantly we knew they were going to be something special. After long conversations and discussions, it was clear both parties enjoyed the presence of one another, therefore it was the clear option to sign them. Described as one of the most known and respected teams out there, we feel that these nice guys deserved the support of Thermaltake and Ttesports.

The captain of the team Mark 'Exfane' de Ruiter also gave this comment:

We are very happy to announce that our quest is done, we have a found a new home, a professional home, a home that we call Team Thermaltake. Over the past 3 (almost 4) years have we as FakkelBrigade been a steady provider for a lot of different services in TF2, something that we’ve done with great pleasure, but always without any proper funding. With us getting in contact with Thermaltake this has changed as they were immediately interested in all we had to offer, seeing both the potential of our team, the game and our services. Together with them will we show to the world what a great game TF2 is and what a great team we have right now.

Team Thermaltake are:









de Ruiter



Corneliussen Rasmussen






Ruiz Nunez

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
Tel: +886 2 87975788 # 2862

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