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Tt eSPORTS joins CheckSix Gaming as Head Sponsor!

If you have been following CheckSix Gaming lately, you would know that we have recently picked up one of the best North American StarCraft II teams. This team will join our existing StarCraft II player Jimmy “ThisIsJimmy” Van Sise to hopefully bring many titles to the CheckSix name. None of this would be possible however without the newly acquired support of Tt eSPORTS!
Tt eSPORTS has been making big waves around the scene recently, especially in StarCraft II. We have seen the company recently support many teams around the globe to move the professional SCII scene forward. We are ecstatic to announce that we have worked out a deal between CheckSix Gaming and Tt eSPORTS to help send our gamers to the peak of electronic sports.

CheckSix Professional Starcraft 2 player ThisIsJimmy
What is great about this deal however is that it isn’t limited to StarCraft II. All of our teams will be able to be seen using Tt eSPORTS hardware at the ESEA Invite Season 8 LAN Finals and MLG 2011 Circuit.
Curt Carter, the Managing Director of CheckSix Gaming expressed his enthusiasm in this way:
We could not be more excited about this partnership. Tt eSPORTS is completely committed to eSports and CheckSix. Their products are already being featured all over the world, and we are ecstatic to be showing these amazing products off for North America. Be sure to be on the lookout for CheckSix players and Tt eSPORTS products at many upcoming events.
Tt eSPORTS will be the Head Sponsor of CheckSix Gaming from this moment onward. Their support will help us expand into one of the leaders of North American electronic sports. This newly forged partnership will allow us to make sure that our players are looked after, and will give us the opportunity to give more players a chance to prove themselves on the largest stages in North American e-sports.

CheckSix Counter-Strike: Source team: Currently ranked #2 in ESEA-Invite
Tt eSPORTS North American Manager Eric Brinkley, had the following to say:
We’re very excited and proud to be announced as the Title Sponsor for CheckSix. As we continue onward through 2011 and beyond, our goal is to be considered one of the flagship eSports brands worldwide. With CheckSix representing Tt eSPORTS in North America across all of the most popular online and offline competitions, we’re confident that the organization can help promote our wish to grow eSports. Tt eSPORTS strives to support all competitive gamers, and with the sponsorship of a professional gaming organization along with our current and future support for amateurs and casual gamers alike, we can’t wait to put our brand in the hands of the professionals in an effort to further improve our products.

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
Tel: +886 2 87975788 # 2862

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