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White-Ra represents Tt eSPORTS in Starcraft 2 Championships

The dust has settled. After a wild Dreamhack Starcraft 2 Pro Invitational, a perennial champion was crowned, a fan base was stirred, and thousands upon thousands of viewers engaged in one of the best-run tournament productions in recent memory.


Expectations were high for Thermaltake & Tt eSPORTS sponsored player White-Ra: he had recently traveled to Sweden to compete in the Dreamhack Invitational after a 3-week stay in Seoul, South Korea where he participated in the GOMTV GSL World Championships. His biggest match of that tournament: repeat GSL champion oGsMC. Two of the world’s best Protoss players squared off in a show match which featured the foreigner World All-Stars against the incumbent Korean pro players; with global pride resting on his shoulders, White-Ra was called upon by coach Artosis to square off against oGsMC—considered by many as nearly unbeatable. Before oGsMC walked up to his sound-proof SC2 booth, he walked to the foreign team and gave a ‘thumbs-down’ signaling his dominance over any who oppose him. White-Ra, considered to be one of the most modest and nicest professional gamers approached his sound-proof booth. His weapons of choice: Tt eSPORTS Meka G1, Black, and Dasher mousepad. What followed was a surprising show of skill and strategy, as White-Ra pulled off the unlikely upset and sent oGsMC back to sit with his team. Bittersweet victory for White-Ra, he promptly walked by the Korean All-Stars and responded with a thumbs-down of his own.


Was a rivalry born? White-Ra had stormed through his bracket matches in the Dreamhack Invitational, and faced none other than oGsMC in the finals match. The prize at stake was a 100,000 SEK ($15,000 USD) winner-take-all prize: it was either win or go home for both players. The crowd cheered on as the game progressed. White-Ra had taken game 1 of the best-of-5 series, and the crowd continued to get louder. Could it be possible that White-Ra asserts himself as the best Protoss player in the world? Game 2 flies by, and again White-Ra shows amazing micro skill to win the map. Up 2-0, White-Ra would only need to win 1 more game to take home the prize; oGsMC would have to win 3 in a row.

Not known for his willingness to lie down, oGsMC put on a display of why he was the reigning GSL champion by evening the series at 2-2. The final deciding game 5 would determine the Dreamhack Invitational winner. As the crowd looked on with anticipation, the game began. Unfortunately for White-Ra, oGsMC knew that he had opened each game the exact same way. Being a champion also means being a student of the game, and oGsMC employed a tactic to counter the opening. The result: a fairly swift and easy victory in game 5 for oGsMC.

 But White-Ra was not displeased with his 2nd place finish. Earlier in the tournament, he was interviewed by the Dreamhack host where he expressed that the money was not important to him; rather, the community support and fan base was more important. What followed was a love story of sorts: fans professing their unconditional support to one of the game’s finest professionals.
White-Ra commented on his success:
"Last month I have been very strained. I have passed a selection European stage on GSL World Final which passes once a year. In Korea I managed to show to the whole world that there are no invincible Korean players and I am glad to it. In Sweden I didn't have enough for only one game for a victory in this tournament, in the ending I though have lost but as a result I have won having received strong support from all game community and much more. I want to tell many thanks for support to my fans and sponsors., Tt eSPORTS and ASrock."

Congratulations to White-Ra on his success at the Dreamhack Invitiational and GSL World Championships, and may you have more success to come.
White-Ra and Tt eSPORTS Fighting!

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