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Tt eSPORTS Plan to Party all Night at Insomnia 42!

Tt eSPORTS were at Newbury Racecourse for the first Multiplay Insomnia event of 2011, i42 which would see Tt eSPORTS hosting multiple activities in the booth throughout the stand and displaying some of the latest products to hit Europe such as the MEKA and MEKA G1 Mechanical Keyboards as well as the Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case.

The Tt eSPORTS stand was a lot of fun thanks to the competitions that were held over the weekend, which featured the event visitors competing against some of the professionals from Infused.Tt eSPORTS with the opportunity to win an array of prizes from Tt eSPORTS.

In the Multiplay tournament section at Insomnia 42 the demo machines were fully kitted out with SHOCK headsets, Azurues mice, Conkor mouse pads and Challenger keyboards which allowed anyone and everyone to test our gaming peripherals and make their own choice on what they preferred.

The Tt eSPORTS SHOCK headsets were also added to the XBOX 360 Demo area which hosted a UK Exclusive of BRINK which will be released next month in which all the players were using the SHOCK gaming headsets to further enhance their experience while trying the pre-release game.

Over the duration of the weekend the exhibit stand and the tournament section showed off the Tt eSPORTS brand and passion to offer the community a great experience and to understand the Tt eSPORTS "lifestyle" and "culture" for esports as well as allowing everyone the chance to jump on to the live demo machines and have some fun against the professionals.

The excitement for Tt eSPORTS didn't end with the exhibit area as our sponsored teams Infused.Tt eSPORTS and Team Thermaltake were both competing in Team Fortress 2 and Infused.Tt eSPORTS also had squads in tournaments for other games including Call of Duty 4 and Starcraft 2 who both took 3rd Place respectively.

However, on Sunday afternoon a dream final was set as favourites to win the Team Fortress 2 tournament Team Thermaltake would take on 2nd seed Infused.Tt eSPORTS in the Grand Final, where both Tt eSPORTS teams would meet on the main stage as they would compete for 1st Place.

After an epic battle the underdogs Infused.Tt eSPORTS managed to win the Grand Final and take 1st Place with a final capture with only 20seconds to go leaving no time on the clock for Team Thermaltake to respond, overall it was an amazing final with lots of cheering, clapping and general excitement which managed to show off two of the very best teams in Europe who represent the Tt eSPORTS brand proudly on their shirts, well done to both teams for giving all the viewers an exciting final!

After a long warm spring weekend at Newbury Racecourse, Insomnia 42 finally had to come to a close but the excitement and buzz of the event lasted the whole of the weekend and left visitors and competitors ready for the August instalment where Insomnia 43 will host the UK WCG Qualifiers, we look forward to seeing you there!

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Thermaltake is a well known brand for gaming & DIY in Case, Cooler, and PSU for years. Due to the constant requests for keyboards and mice from gamers and end users, Thermaltake decided to create a series of gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets with the Tt eSPORTS brand. By using Tt eSPORTS, we want to extend our product lines into the gaming industry, and provide more ''personalized gaming'' gears to gamers and enthusiasts worldwide. With years of experience in gaming industry, Tt eSPORTS is committed to bring the most personalized and the highest quality weapons for the most competitive cyber battles. For more information, please visit


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