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Introducing the Thermaltake and Tt eSPORTS Wallpaper competition.

To celebrate the 'soon to be' release of our new Chaser Mk I case and our newly released Challenger Ultimate Keyboard and Black Element mouse, we have decided to provide you with a competition to get your hands on them!

The Thermaltake Chaser MK I case

What do I do?

My desktop background is pretty boring. Usually it's of some nice hills, or maybe a car I fancy, so we want you guys to provide us (and everyone else) with something that looks hot.
We want you to give us a background, that includes our new products and logo set. But never fear - You don't have to be a Photoshop expert or an Adobe Illustrator wizz, we are giving you guys 2 categories to enter; The most Professional and the most Creative.

This means that you can go all hard out, do some snazzy 3ds MAX models of space ships and unicorns, or you can load the up the old MS paint, import our logo and take a crack at drawing a case yourself.

The guidelines for this competition are simple, this is how it works;
A. You see this post
B. You download the logo package and make the picture
C. You email it to the provided address with the subject: Chaser Entry *full name* *PROFESSIONAL or CREATIVE*
D. We will upload this to our global Facebook - TteSports | Facebook
E. The public (worldwide) will 'like' tour images, the top two with the most likes in each catagory wins!

There are obviously things to adhere to for any competition - some rules;
- You must 'like' Tt eSPORTS, Tt eSPORTS.GIGA and SEQUENTIAL Gaming facebook pages (links below)
- Entries to be emailed in before 12pm (midday) 12/06/2011 EST +10GMT.
- The winner will be chosen at 10am 20/06/2011 EST +10GMT.
- The winner will be contacted via email.
- You must use the 3 logo's supplied (Tt eSPORTS Dragon, Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake)
- You must use as minimum, one of each of the peripheral/case images supplied (Black element, Challenger Ultimate, Chaser Mk I)
- If you cannot do the above, you must attempt to depict these in any way possible (this is for you creative people)
- This competition is only open to current residents of Australia
- Entries must be emailed to the provided email below
- Entries may contain no adult material including (but not limited to); sex, nudity, violence, drugs etc. 
- Entries must be G rated
- Entries will be uploaded onto Tt eSPORTS Facebook with the winner decided by the most 'likes' they gain.
- Images must be submitted in .jpg or .png format. No .psd or .ai formats will be accepted
- Images become property of Thermaltake Australia and New Zealand once submitted

Now for the part that everyone loves.. what do you win?

- 1x Chaser MK I Case
- 1x Challenger Ultimate Keyboard
- 1x Black Element Mouse
- 1x Tt Lanyard and Shirt

- 1x Chaser MK I Case
- 1x Black Element Mouse
- 1x Tt Lanyard and Shirt

Honourable mention
- 1x Tt pack (shirt, hat, lanyard)

Please note: Each Professional and Creative win the same prizes for first and second and both have an 'honourable mention category'.

Please mail your entries to:

- Competition email:
- Facebook Links:
TteSports | Facebook
Thermaltake eSPORTS.GIGA | Facebook
SEQUENTIAL Gaming | Facebook
- Logo's and Images: Tt Wallpaper Comp Logo Package.rar

Good luck!

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
Tel: +886 2 87975788 # 2862

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