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Winner of Special Force World Championship (SFWC), Team AMOTEL of Thailand qualified for WCG 2011, sponsored by Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake

November 7th, 2011 – Taipei, Taiwan – Tt eSPORTS proudly presents Team AMOTEL of Thailand who qualified for WCG 2011 after their amazing triumph at Special Force World Championship 2011 held at Jakarta, Indonesia. Both National and International Finals were battling for the honorable title as the World Championship of Special Force, the competition was challenging and each international team faced tremendous amount of pressure because all participated teams fought for the same goal: qualifier ticket to WCG 2011 at South Korea.

Tournament Venue: Mall Taman Anggrek at Jakarta, Indonesia. The largest shopping center in Southeast Asia.

Besides the fame and the glory, trophy, and the prize cash, there were also product prizes that were sponsored by Tt eSPORTS. Ranging from professional gaming mice, keyboards, headsets to mouse pads, Tt eSPORTS wished players from all participated countries could experience Tt eSPORTS’ arsenals such as MEKA G-Unit keyboard, BLACK Element mouse, or LADON pro-gaming mouse pad.

Finals International Tournament of SF – 8 International Representatives

Sponsored by Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake, 8 International Representatives would have the chance to experience the awesomeness of Tt eSPORTS pro-gaming products that successfully brought the trophy for Team AMOTEL from Thailand! Live broadcast was viewed over 50,000 people, waiting for the final results of who will take on the WCG tournament!

Team AMOTEL of Thailand, sponsored by Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake

Team AMOTEL fighting to climb the ranking ladder to the final round to SFWC Champion

Emotional moment to share that uncontrollable joy of winning, cherish each other as the band of brothers in this journey.

AMOTEL of Thailand qualified in SFWC after its accomplishment in SF World Thailand Championship Bangkok International Game Festival in October. Armed with Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake products, AMOTEL continued to demonstrate its power of teamwork and relentless effort to strive in the ultimate stadium of SFWC, held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Team AMOTEL from Thailand was the final champion of SFWC 2011.

Team AMOTEL group pictures with other participants of SFWC 2011

Team AMOTEL received the champion trophy and the prize 10,000 USD

With 8 International representatives battling to edge each other out, AMOTEL survived to the last moment and proclaimed that title as SFWC Winner 2011, with sweet prize cash USD $10,000 and began their last journey to WCG 2011 at South Korea, on December 3rd 2011.

Team Apollos from Taiwan, also sponsored by Tt eSPORTS, were not able to qualify for this SFWC at Indonesia, but the spirit did not end but was picked up and brought forth by AMOTEL from Thailand. Tt eSPORTS wish all fans around the world can share our passion of e-sports gaming, regardless of where you are or the language you speak; Tt eSPORTS foremost aimed to invite you all to join Tt eSPORTS e-sports community, sponsored and presented by Tt eSPORTS and make all fans are from the same family. Even though Apollos SF Team was not able to accomplish the qualifier tournament, Apollos SF Team nonetheless wishes AMOTEL to continue winning and fighting for WCG Tournament and successfully grasp that opportunity to present Thailand and sponsor Tt eSPORTS at WCG 2011 in South Korea! Go AMOTEL!

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