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Counted out from the start out the tournament, Loaded.Black plowed their way through the competition during the group stage. Winning every single match, Loaded.Black was 6-0 with a perfect record. Moving into the double elimination bracket on Championship Sunday, Loaded.Black continued their dominance, blowing by fnatic with ease in the first round and cleaning up Complexity.Red by training Sodah, their druid, three games in a row.
Moving into the Grand Final, Loaded would face off against Complexity.Red once again as they moved their way back from the lower bracket. The best of ten series would start out with a 3-1 advantage in favor of Loaded because of their previous encounter. 
Complexity.Red would play RMP for the first time at the tournament in the mirror match and win the first map on Nagrand Arena. Loaded.Black came back strong in the second game on the same map and took out Reckful. Ring of Valor would be the third map and Loaded changed their strategy as they would focus on Sodah, the healer, instead of the rogue. In the fourth map both rogues were dropped to really low health, but Satz went down before Reckful and Complexity.Red would take it. Sodah would end up staying alive with 50hp during the fifth game where coL turned the pressure onto Loaded and dropped Satz to win the game.  During the last game, Loaded.Black rode Sodah on Dalaran Arena, allowing Loaded to close out MLG Columbus as the champions. 
The team, and everyone here at Loaded would like to give a huge thanks to the sponsors and supporters of Loaded for making this possible. Thermaltake, Sapphire, Split Reason, Eoreality, and most importantly, our fans! Check our site often for content and insight from all your favorite loaded players!
1) Loaded.Black - $9000
2) coL.Red - $4500
3) fnatic - $2250

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