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 Thermaltake Shows off Gaming Peripherals 

Thermaltake commenced its foray into gaming peripherals under the banner of TT e-sports, the company showed off some of its first products in the category, a gaming headset called Shock One, a mechanical gaming keyboard called MEKA, and BLACK six-button gaming mouse, paired with a mouse mat of the same brand. 
Shock One is a wired, 5.1 channel gaming headset that has native sound processing. The sound processor is DTS 5.1 compliant, and connects to the system over USB. The head-band is collapsible, making it easy to fold the unit. The telescopic mic features noise-cancellation. 
The MEKA keyboard is compact, does away with redundant keys (but retains the number-pad cluster), and lacks macro keys, but has mechanical keys for better tactile feedback. And finally, there's the duo of BLACK 6-button optical gaming mouse, and XTra mouse mat from Thermaltake. While Thermaltake isn't new to making input devices, with swanky-looking Xaser Office keyboards, TT e-sports seems like a definite start for the company into this market. 

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
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