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10/5 - Team Thermaltake eSPORTS news 

In the last week a lot of things happen. Team Thermaltake is on a really good way. With successful five squads, Team Thermaltake increased in the last month to one of the top teams in Europe. The Counterstrike Source Team you fin on on the Top Ten List in Europe.
But here some really nice news about the week.

Counterstrike Source

Our first EPS team. The german champion from Season 16 starts this week with a match against Competo.Zykons. Competo is on 10th place in the ranking. But we know, be careful about teams, they stand in the middle or end of the ranking. Started on de_tuscan, the match was really easy for us. First round as CT we got 13:02. Second round as T the last 3 points. So we kicked Competo with 16:02 from the server and can hold the 4th place in the ranking.
Counterstrike 1.2 Female
Our nice girls made their next match in the EFL (Female League) against Alternate Attax. A hard match for us, but our girls won with 16:09 and safe the first place in the ranking. Played on de_dust2, Alternate Attax was not a real enemy for our girlies.
Call of Duty 4
Our EPS COD4 team got 27 United for the match. The war was played on mp_crossfire. But no problem for our boys. With 16:09 we left the server and got 3 points more on our account. Now COD4 is on the second place in the ranking after mTw, but with one KIA on our side.
Starcraft 2
Fnatic Funky - yes thats right. Fnatic tried to defeat our team in SC2. But sorry, no chance with our european SC2 team. We kicked Fnatic with 1:0 from the planet and waiting for the next one.


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