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Tt eSPORTS Europe Get An Epic Win!!

Last week, Tt eSPORTS announced a Press Release about Sponsoring Epic LAN 5 at Uttoxeter Racecourse between the 24th-27th February 2011, where in attendance were the European Gaming Organisation Infused who are also Sponsored by Tt eSPORTS.

Infused.Tt eSPORTS went to Epic LAN 5 with high hopes that they could possibly take the 1st place prize in their first offline event for Team Fortress 2 since they joined the organisation in January after being victorious at Multiplay's insomnia 41 LAN event back in November.

Day One
The team arrived at the LAN after setting up (Fully kitted in the New Infused.Tt Jerseys and Jackets and using Tt eSPORTS SHOCKS, Dashers and Challenger Pro's) they began the group stage, which showed some interesting results versus Gibbz Goes Prem, but Infused.Tt eSPORTS skill and determination saw them finish top of their group.

Group Stage
Infused.Tt 5 - 5 Gibbz Goes Premier (map: cp_granary)
Infused.Tt 5 - 0 LanOps (map: cp_badlands)
Infused.Tt 5 - 0 Jetpack Brontosaurs (map: cp_freight)
Infused.Tt 2 - 1 Gibbz Goes Premier (map: cp_badlands) Group Decider

Day Two
After finishing Day One top of their group, Infused.Tt were in good shape going forward to the knockout stage, and with strong team play and some high skill aim they managed to work their way through to the Upper Bracket final, where they would play MonsterMunch, their hardest test at the event, in which the team lost the two maps.

Upper Bracket Quarter Final
Infused.Tt 1 - 0 [tEh|LaDz] (map: cp_badlands)

Upper Bracket Semi-Final

Infused.Tt 5 - 0 TwistedPlay (map: cp_gravelpit & cp_granary)

Upper Bracket Final
Infused.Tt 4 - 5 MonsterMunch (map: cp_badlands)
Infused.Tt 1 - 2 MonsterMunch (map: cp_granary)

With defeat in the Upper Bracket Final to MonsterMunch, Infused.Tt one more chance to get back in to the Grand final by beating their original group opponents Gibbz Goes Prem which after a draw and narrow win in the 2nd encounter was going to be a hard feat to overcome, however the team stuck at the task at hand and managed to take the game to their opponents and bring it home, to set up a Grand Final Showdown with MonsterMunch.

Lower Bracket Final
Infused.Tt 4 - 2 Gibbz Goes Prem (map: cp_badlands)
Infused.Tt 5 - 4 Gibbz Goes Prem (map: cp_granary)

Day Three
Day Three arrived and the Team Fortress 2 team from Infused.Tt were preparing for the Grand Final Showdown with MonsterMunch to take home the £1,000 Prize fund that was awaiting the winner. The community were favouring the Upper Bracket winners MonsterMunch to bring home 1st place after outshining their opposition at their previous encounter. Infused.Tt approached the match with no fear and believed in their ability and used the adrenaline from the spectators at the event to power them to victory!

Epic LAN 5 Grand Final
Infused.Tt 5 - 0 MonsterMunch (map: cp_gullywash)
Infused.Tt 4 - 5 MonsterMunch (map: cp_granary)
Infused.Tt 2 - 1 MonsterMunch (map: cp_gravelpit)

Infused.Tt eSPORTS won Epic LAN 5, a huge congratulations to the Team Fortress 2 team and a brilliant LAN debut for the squad, who have made everyone in Infused and Tt eSPORTS proud by bringing victory in the organisations new red and black Tt eSPORTS colours.

For more information, please visit: and Tt eSPORTS Global Fans.

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