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One year ago at CeBIT 2010 Tt eSPORTS was launched as a sub division of Thermaltake to bring gaming peripherals to gamers. At the launch they released an impressive lineup designed accommodate a variety of gamers. Fast forwarding to CeBIT 2011 they brought along products released in the months leading up to the event such as the Black Element and released of the Azurues Mini and MEKA. They have also taken a new approach to marketing and branding their products by growing wings and the ability to spew fire.



McDonalds has the golden arches, Razer has the 3 Snakes, and now Tt eSPORTS has a dragon. The double T logo (Tt) makes sense but as Tt eSPORTS rep Andrew said “We aren’t doing this half assed” and that Tt simply isn’t “gamer”. That’s where the dragon comes in, it isn’t all mystical or medieval but it’s a great combination of what gamers as a whole can enjoy.

Carrying on to the actual products, we started off by taking a look at Tt eSPORTS new flagship mouse, the Black Element gaming mouse. Keeping in tone with the Black gaming mouse the Black Element plays host to both sharp edges and smooth curves while the majority of the exterior is the same rubberized material and does feature customizable onboard lighting. As their new flagship mouse it has a 6500 DPI engine which is the highest in their collection and can be adjust all the way down to 100DPI.


Where this mouse is expected to shine is in its software capabilities. It has a 128KB chip to store 5 game profiles, and thanks to the combination with the software it will be able to store 45 macro keys within those profiles. As for other attributes they include a braided cable, gold plated USB connector and they are adjustable as well.

As we stated in the second paragraph, Tt eSPORTS has begun to add a sub logo, the dragon, and the freshly launched Azurues Mini is the first mouse christened with it. The Azurues Mini is pretty much a smaller Azurues. Its shape is very similar but does have a bit of a rounder mold to it while other characteristics such as the optical engine, weight system, 3-level resolution (DPI) adjustment and lighting remain the same.


On the keyboard front Tt eSPORTS has released the MEKA mechanical keyboard which will join the ranks of the MEKA G1. The MEKA isn’t a full size keyboard, but the terminology of “10-Keyless” which is used by other shorter boards made by Filco, PFU, Topre or Leopold doesn’t work in this case. The MEKA integrates the 10-keys as there are gamers who need them and also managed to fit the arrow keys and other important keys such as insert and delete in a layout similar to that of a 17″ notebook.


Why the shorter layout? It fits more centered so your arms aren’t as skewed using it. As for the key-switch type it uses Cherry Black switches meaning you’re good for 50 million strokes. Additional features include 2 built-in USB ports, 100Hz (1ms) polling rate, anti-ghosting capabilities and of course a braided cable.

Want even more MEKA? Well there is the MEKA G1 Unit which has all that the MEKA G1 has to offer but comes with even more features. It comes with Black Cherry switches, audio ports, 1000 Hz polling rate, etc just like the G1 but it gets 12 fixed and 8 unfixed macro keys, 3 profiles to store your macro key setup, dedicated media control buttons, and illuminated keys, specifically the WASD keys, and other important keys for the standard gamer.

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
Tel: +886 2 87975788 # 2862

A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking eSports to new heights in the professional gaming industry. We do this through research, innovation and developing superior quality products from the ground up. Pro’s trust our gear because we equip them with everything they need to dominate in the lobby.