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Welcome to the Collegiate Starleague's awesome thread! Our playoffs are set to begin this coming weekend and we have some exciting stuff planned! If you missed our playoff kickoff event, you can check out the VOD HERE.

Before getting into the juicy details, here's what you all have wanted to hear: what's at stake for the CSL playoff participants? What can you guys win?

CSL Playoff Prizes:
1st. $1,000 + 5 Tt eSports MEKA G1 Keyboards
2nd. 5 Tt eSports Black Gaming Mouse
3rd/4th. 5 Tt eSports Dasher Mousepads

Our Sponsors
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Tt eSports is an extension of Thermaltake, makers of some great CPU cooling and casing systems. Their eSports division makes gaming peripherals for all types of gamers from FPS to RTS. Their sponsorship of eSports events has extended from their home base in Taiwan throughout Europe and North America as well. You can check out all their gear and events at Tt!

[image loading] is fast becoming the premiere streaming solution for all gamers. Their viewership and audience has expanded and their staff works diligently to create the best and smoothest streaming platform possible. has sponsored countless numbers of tournaments and makes it possible for gamers to earn money while streaming with their revenue sharing program. Sign up and stream your games at!

Who's Casting the Playoffs?
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Like the Season 2 and Season 3 Grand Finals... this year our Grand Finals will be cast live by Day9 on Friday, May 6th! We will also be joined by Quarter Final and Semi Final casting by Diggity, Ro16 casting by iNcontroL and Gretorp. Other awesome casters from Reddit such as Adebisi and CatsPajamas will be joining us as well, along with our very own Xeris and Hazelynut and many more! We hope you are just as excited as we are to watch the games!

Full Caster Profiles Below
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All playoff matches can be found at CSL @!

Playoff Bracket
Red Conference
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Blue Conference
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Full Playoff Schedule
Can be found here!

Fun Contests!!
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CSL Bracket Contest: Fill out your bracket, March Madness style! Just download the bracket image, fill out your teams, and send your submission to ! The winner of the contest (who perfectly predicts the result or gets the closest) will receive a prize from Tt eSports and $100 cash!

You can find the full information HERE

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LIKE US Contest: We're going to be giving out prizes to our fans on Facebook, and those of our sponsor, Tt eSports! The contest is simple: encourage your friends to "like" the CSL & Tt eSports on Facebook! Your friends must post in the discussion topics saying your name.

At the end of the 1 month contest period, the person whose name is mentioned the most will win a Tt eSports Mouse. Also, one of his/her friends will be randomly selected to win the same prize. The same will be done for the Tt eSports Facebook!

You can find the full information HERE

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
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A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking eSports to new heights in the professional gaming industry. We do this through research, innovation and developing superior quality products from the ground up. Pro’s trust our gear because we equip them with everything they need to dominate in the lobby.