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Tt eSPORTS Continued Supporting the European Community at OOF4 Last Weekend

Last weekend Tt eSPORTS were in Antwerp, Belgium as the Title sponsor at the popular Call of Duty event known as "Outpost on Fire" and in its 2011 form "Tt eSPORTS.OOF4". This particular event is always considered one of the most professional, competitive and fun events for the European community of Call of Duty.

Tt eSPORTS.OOF4 was one of the biggest events in Europe so far in 2011 for Call of Duty 4 because the event is a popular TUP LAN event which had teams attend from over 8 different countries from around Europe including Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Hungary. All the teams were guaranteed a minimum of 5 games in their group to allow them to enjoy the event over the weekend and enjoy all the activities, look at the great Tt eSPORTS products and talk about their thoughts of the brand at the event.

When planning the event with Steven Leunens from Gamevibes, we already knew there was an existing and strong relationship with Thermaltake and this meant the machines were already in place for the event and these were showcasing the Thermaltake V3 Black gaming cases which were using Thermaltake Power supplies and Coolers.

Tt eSPORTS enjoy sponsoring events like Outpost on Fire as it gives straight back to the gaming community and this event was no different as being the only sponsor of the event we made sure we sent out products for players to test and try, banners to give the venue a bit of Tt eSPORTS style and supplied the gamers with our infamous Tt Hammers, You can clearly see the love above!

The event itself was a small amount of gamers from the local region and some of the best Call of Duty 4 teams from around Europe, but one thing that Tt eSPORTS wanted to make sure that Tt eSPORTS.OOF4 would offer was some entertain to the whole European Call of Duty community at home. In order to achieve this there was Coverage from the Tek-9 Coverage Team and Live Streaming by KAOSTV who did a great job with their host Matthijs "A_Spec" Hoving which resulted in over 170,000 views over the weekend and some great prizes won through Facebook competitions.

So the venue was set, the coverage and streaming team were there, the viewers at home had plenty to keep themselves busy and Tt eSPORTS were at the event talking to the Gamers, the Organisers and spreading our passion for the esports "Lifestyle and "Culture" in Antwerp, Belgium but more importantly to the viewers at home.

Tt eSPORTS would like to thank everyone from Gamevibes, Tek-9, KAOSTV and anyone else who supported, watched, and followed the event last weekend as well as congratulate the teams who placed at the event who can all be seen below.

Anexis-Gaming - 1st Place

from Gamevibes,

CEFO - 2nd Place

The Last Resort - 3rd Place
For more information, please visit: Tt eSPORTS Global Fans.

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