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TteSPORTS - FnaticMSI visits Tt eSPORTS Taiwan Headquarter

The Visit by FnaticMSI and Chat with Thermaltake’s Professional Gaming Team Apollo.
Tt eSPORTS is exciting to have FnaticMSI Team as our guests visiting Tt eSPORTS Taiwan Headquarter today! The famous 6-time champion of Counter Strike in 2009, FnaticMSI, and the RaidCall Gamer Network of Taiwan, have come to Taiwan and visit our new headquarter office and our product show room. It is an exciting visit from FnaticMSI because both parties are not in partnered in sponsorship, yet the champion FnaticMSI Team decides to visit Tt eSPORTS for our dedicated effort in product design and the uncompromised quality in user experience. It is truly an honor to have them today!

With the continuous participations in professional gaming competitions and the achievements in various titles, Tt eSPORTS also wishes to share the passion for electronic gaming with FnaticMSI, joining with Thermaltake Apollo team players Apro, Eros, and Nireus, to interact with FnaticMSI Team on the subjects of similarities and differences between gaming environments in Taiwan and on the international scale. FnaticMSI’s LaMiaZeaLoT, Cyanidefi, Max “MagicFingers” Dreysse, Enrique “xPeke” Martinez, and Peter “Mellisan” Meisrimel, are interested to know what is it like to compete in Taiwan, and both teams seem to understand each other despite both speak different languages, yet still are willing to extend the warmth and enthusiasm for gaming to each other.

FnaticMSI is a professional Electronic Sports team that its players are composed across the globe. FnaticMSI Team won the SPORTS TEAM OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2006 and 2009, and 6 major titles won by its Counter-Strike division throughout 2009. Together with RaidCall Gamer Network, Tt eSPORTS welcome FnaticMSI Team to visit Tt eSPORTS vibrant working environment and its sophisticated office divisions from laboratories to marketing sectors.

Later of the tour FnaticMSI Team is asked to step in Tt eSPORTS product show room, sharing Tt eSPORTS’ dedications and the DNA in each product, inviting FnaticMSI to experience what it takes to satisfy gamers’ demands from keyboard to mouse design. And, FnaticMSI and Thermaltake Apollo teams are gathered and converse in English and Mandarin, surprisingly without language barrier, as if both teams have known each other for some time!

Throughout the chat FnaticMSI and Apollo teams display respects and pure admirations, or even slight interest to challenge on the games. It is unavoidable; their language is to battle, and their hearts are in arena. At age average around 20, both teams present another reason why the rise of electronic games: the development of sportsmanship. It was so apparent that both teams know exactly what it takes to win, through endless practices and communications amongst team, and personal character developments in ambitions, courage, and perseverance, of which characters that Thermaltake has shared in the past decade!

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