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- League of Legends Tournament - Pick your Tt Champion and Battle for Dominance, powered by Tt eSPORTS

Taipei, Taiwan – March 20th, 2012 – Tt eSPORTS, a subdivision brand of Thermaltake and the leading gear providers of e-Sports, is calling for all League of Legends fanatics to join the tournament. Tt eSPORTS continues to fulfill the mission of providing the best gaming experience for the gamers, and since 2011’s Thermaltake e-Sports Triathlon – an event hosted by Thermaltake to invite DIY enthusiasts and e-Sports gamers who were interested in assembling computing parts and e-Sports gaming competition. This activity was a huge success and an awesome experience, educating the proper methods in installing and assembling computing parts, and professional e-Sports techniques. The StarCraft 2 Tournament was later hosted by Tt eSPORTS in Taiwan. It was huge hit and highly discussed amongst popular forums, attracted global star players Team Tt Apollos SoftBall, White-Ra, HRU, and Apro to compete against other pro-gamers: Sen, OrzRush, YouRush, and Chinese players Team-We’s SUPER and LOVECD. It was in June 2011 COMPUTEX exhibition and fans and visitors went to witness the pride and glory from the super star players.

In this year, Tt eSPORTS is hosting another game tournament with huge hit – League of Legends – an action RTS game that its fan base is accelerating to millions worldwide, and this time fans can participate and experience the awesomeness of LOL. Also, Tt eSPORTS is proudly joining in alliance with Garena for the first time, introducing League of Legends Tournament. Starting March 17th, contestants can register online for this tournament, and the event will last for two months until the finals hosted at 2012 COMPUTEX Taipei computer exhibition.

The top five elite players of LOL were recruited earlier in March 2012 by Team Tt DRAGONS – ranking number 1 player Xīmén yè shuō (西門夜說 in Traditional Chinese), the Captain Gūlǔ māo (咕嚕貓 in Traditional Chinese), and Dior007, 3345678, and Lantyr, will all participate this tournament at Tt eSPORTS Store in Taipei, to share and interact with fans who have been the celebrity players in LOL for a while.

League of Legends Tournament has already attracted thousands of registered contestants, of many whom are hidden elite players with high rankings, are all participating the Taiwan national competitions from Taipei, Taichung, to Kaohsiung. Geared by Tt eSPORTS’ professional-grade gaming products, these contestants will sure experience unforgettable gaming memories. Obviously, League of Legends Tournament is attractive for its winning prize as well. Tt eSPORTS is offering more than NTD$250,000 cash prize and gaming products as gifts for winners to take home, and it is all happening at 2012 COMPUTEX Taipei computer exhibition! The tournament will also add a challenging competition against LOL players – Taipei Assassin from Taiwan, and LOL star team from China – with prize cash NTD$10,000. It will be a must-watch highlight of the tournament, and guarantee the climax will be peaked constantly throughout the event!

League of Legends Tournament is based on League of Legends’ rising popularity worldwide and the interest in DotA game genre, requiring the ultimate team effort and shared objective to penetrate enemy’s defense like slicing onion layers, and gradually break through the barriers and destroy the bunkers as the final goal of the game. League of Legends gameplay starts with players forming 2 even teams of Champions, and each gamer acts as the Summoner manipulating his/her Champions, applying the will and force together with the Champion marching towards the glory of League of Legends championship!

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Tournament Cash Prize and Product Gifts:
- Time: April 14th to June 9th, 2012
- Location: Tt eSPORTS Store in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung
- Championship Game: 2012 COMPUTEX Taipei on June 9th, Saturday.
- Prize Case: Total amount of NTD$132,000.

  NTD$2,000 for all who advance the first round;
First Place: NTD$50,000 with product gifts worth NTD$58,000.
Second Place: NTD$30,000 with product gifts worth NTD$40,000.
Third Place: NTD$20,00 with product gifts worth NTD$20,000.
Taipei Assassin Contest Winner: NTD$10,000.
LOL star team from China: NTD$10,000.

First Place Product Gift Contents: worth NTD$58,000
- Level 10 GTS pro-gaming chassis
- MEKA G-Unit pro-gaming mechanical keyboard
- SAPHIRA optical pro-gaming mouse
- White-Ra Limited Edition mouse pad
- SHOCK pro-gaming headset

Second Place Product Gift Contents: worth NTD$40,000
- Commander Battle Dragon edition chassis
- LUXA2 SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard
- LUXA1 Legerity Stand Case for iPad2
- THERON pro-gaming laser mouse

Third Place Product Gift Contents: worth NTD$20,000
- Massive 23GT cooler
- LADON prod-gaming mouse pad
- LUXA2 Tough+ Case for iPad2 – Battle Dragon series
- ISURUS pro-gaming headset

Third Place Product Gift Contents: worth NTD$20,000
- Massive 23GT cooler
- LADON prod-gaming mouse pad
- LUXA2 Tough+ Case for iPad2 – Battle Dragon series
- ISURUS pro-gaming headset

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