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Taipei, TaiwanJune 5, 2012Cultivated e-Sports and digital entertainment are the common feature of the many new models presented by Thermaltake Group with three brands Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2 at COMPUTEX Taipei 2012. At COMPUTEX Taipei 2012, Thermaltake Group will not only capture visitors attention with fascinating gaming peripheral products and technical innovations, but enthrall with the artistic designs of the “Level 10” as well! Thermaltake Group celebrates numerous world premieres at COMPUTEX Taipei 2012. The centrepieces of its show presentation are the new “ Level 10 Silver Limited Edition Gaming Station” & “ Level 10 M Mouse Red Edition”, the design collaboration by Thermaltake and BMW DesignworksUSA.



Ever since Thermaltake Technology first started its journey as the leader in PC DIY market back in 1999, it has firmly followed its mission of “delivering the perfect user experience” and becoming “a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, gaming, technology and lifestyle.”

Thermaltake is presenting a visionary outlook on future technical developments in the digital entertainment and e-Sports segments. Both the “Level 10 Silver Limited Edition Gaming Station” & “Level 10 M Mouse Red Edition” anticipate future trends and prepare the way for implementation of innovative premium solutions for luxurious and high-tech gaming accessories.



Level 10 M Mouse Series: new era in gaming mice



Visitors to the Thermaltake Group stand at COMPUTEX 2012 from 5 to 9 June 2012 will witness the first heartbeat of a new compact generation of Level 10 which is the design collaboration by Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignworksUSA since 2009. The centrepiece of the company's presentation is the world premiere of the Level 10 M Mouse Red Edition: its expressive design symbolises concentrated dynamism, while technical highlights include 3D Steering Axis Movement, solid Aluminum base and air-Through Ventilation System.

The Level 10 M Mouse Series with its three different colors : Diamond Black, Iron White, and Military Green are celebrating their Chinese premier as they were firstly introduced at CeBIT2012 in early March this year. The new “Level 10 M Mouse -Red Edition” represents a good combination of Fascination and Efficiency. It shares the same design gene of the Level 10 M product line, but has its own distinctive athletic characters, while keeping the unmistakable style and elegance of the Level 10 M family.


Level 10 Silver Edition Gaming Station: the new chapter of a great success story



The Level 10 concept has always maintained the ‘heart’ of the Thermaltake brands by expressing the core values in an innovative way. Since its launch in 2009, the Level 10 case has set many milestones: it has received IDEA, Good Design, Golden Pin Design, 2010iF, reddot, d&i national and international awards.


This new line of the “Level 10 Silver Edition Gaming Station” boasts stunning design and it was inspired by the classic and spectacular design of the legendary Thermaltake Level 10 Case introduced between Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Restricted to 300 builds worldwide, each chassis is individually numbered with a “Limited badge” that is unmistakable in its appearance that will leave all of your friends in envy.


“We want to continue this success story, with the Level 10 M Mouse Series, we are opening up a whole new area of business for Level 10! And all our new products embody the cultivated e-Sports character and innovative power that are anchored deep in our DNA!”

Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of the Thermaltake Group.


Thermaltake Group Presents Red Glamour In A Battle Dragon Era



Thermaltake’s booth this year incorporates elements from e-Sports’ “Battle Dragon” to convey Thermaltake’s spirit of courage, fast & furious and ultra innovation. At this year’s COMPUTEX Taipei, Thermaltake will show us, more than ever, what it means to be the industry leader and influencer by showcasing their cutting-edge e-Sports gaming products, innovative PC chassis and PC accessories as well as distinct accessories for Apple’s New iPad, iPhone & MacBook.


In addition to product unveiling, there will be exciting show matches from Thermaltake’s up-and-coming e-Sports teams “Team Apollo” and “Team Tt Dragon”.  Tt eSPORTS has been hosting the elimination tournaments since April 2012, with teams gathered all over Taiwan to compete in game League of Legends, the grand finale will happen at COMPUTEX. Further, the celebrity team in e-Sports community, team PRIME, will also join Tt eSPORTS to deliver StarCraft2 show-match and CHAO-headset catwalk show.


COMPUTEX 2012 is full of excitement and anticipation with Thermaltake Technology leading its four brands - Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2, and professional gaming team Tt APOLLOS – to deliver an unrivaled exhibition and show!


For further information about Thermaltake Technology at COMPUTEX Taipei 2012, please visit the website below:



Highlight products of Thermaltake brands:




Innovative PC Chassis

Thermaltake established the Level 10 Silver Limited Edition Gaming Station, a new and improved silver version on the design collaboration with BMW Group Designworks. Further in mid-towers, the ARMOR REVO GENE, a miniature version of ARMOR REVO which derived from a gene passes from the legacy – the ARMOR, offering a classical taste with new gaming style. And the New Soprano, an elegant tranquilizer that is equipped with a full aluminum front door and noise absorbents, which helps users to focus on works without the noise distraction.


Gaming PC Cooler

The BigTyp Revo, the Computex 2012 d&i award winner that made the debut during CeBit 2012 this March, is a down-facing air cooler with a military theme, equipped with a powerful 12cm PWM function fan, large high density aluminum heat-sink fins, five 6mm heat-pipes grant the ability to support up to 160W of heat dissipation. Another famous gaming style air cooler – Frio OCK - has got a new gaming twists, revealed the Frio OCK Snow and Battle Edition. The new Frio OCK Snow and Battle not only have sustained its original performance of supporting up to 240W of heat dissipation, it also have reinvented the appearance and fans by providing a color scheme that can perfectly matched to our white and military color chassis.


Stylish PC PSU

Thermaltake showcased the Toughpower Grand Platinum Snow Edition series with profound design and efficient performance that made the debut during CeBit 2012, with the reddot Product Design 2012 award in place, guarantee enthusiasts to build a system with personal style and value. For gamers, the new Evo Blue 2.0 Gold series is the world first gaming power supply that offers an instant extra 50W of power with one push of a button, which will fits the need when it requires to perform. For average gamers, the new flatted and low-profile cable design SMART Bronze series is a perfect gear for a night-in and night-out system with stability.


Handy PC Accessories & Storage

Thermaltake presented the new power accessories – the TriP, it is a series of power management ranging from USB AC charger to portable power banks, which is also the award-winner of Computex 2012 d&i Award. The QuickLink, special design HDD accessories for Level 10 GT and Level 10 GTS chassis, including a QuickLink Adapter that helps to transfer data to chassis other than Level 10 GT and Level 10 GTS, and QuickLink Box that helps to store and protect the HDD with its tray for mobility. The Muse is a series of HDD enclosure that offers a stylish and elegant aluminum appearance with the choice of 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch for users to choose from.


Magnificent Chassis Modding

Since the presence of Level 10 GT COD mod which was created end of 2011, Thermaltake felt modding is one true recreation that best describe the spirit of PC DIY. Thermaltake with the enthusiasm in PC DIY want to facilitate such culture and spirit, since then, we have been working closely with some of the well-known modders to come up with new mods. We want to make a special thanks to Ron Lee Christianson who made ARMOR REVO Iron Man and Brian Carter who made ARMOR REVO Old Republic, Chaser MK-I Old Republic, and ARMOR REVO Borderlands 2 possible for us to present during Computex 2012.





Tt eSPORTS is showcasing its “Chao” collection with DRACCO headsets already revealed at CES, Taipei Game Show 2012, and CeBIT. Further, the MEKA mechanical pro-gaming keyboards are released, which offers a series of alternative gaming experience for the e-Sports community. From the previously introduced COMBAT WHITE series to Tt eSPORTS’ latest innovative creations are all designed to meet the demands from the community but also a gesture to fulfill the mission of delivering the best ultimate gaming experience to e-Sports enthusiasts.  


Thermaltake Group and its subsidiary brand Tt eSPORTS will proudly present the ultimate creation and design collaboration by Thermaltake Group and DesignworksUSA: the Level 10 M Mouse. It is a continuation of Level 10 design concept and an extension to gaming peripherals, and successfully achieved COMPUTEX design & innovation award 2012 for its outstanding design concept. Fans around the world and in Taiwan will have the chance to witness the design achievement by Thermaltake, and other design award winning products as well.

Tt eSPORTS CHALLENGER Ultimate gaming keyboard and BLACK gaming mouse successfully achieved Taiwan Excellence Award 2012 for their distinguished design concept and well-presented aesthetics in computing peripherals. The co-designed gaming mouse THERON by Team Tt Apollos SoftBall of StarCraft2 has won the red dot award 2012, and SAPHIRA gaming mouse co-designed by the famous pro-gamer White-Ra will both be introduced again at COMPUTEX.





Thermaltake’s luxurious lifestyle brand, LUXA2, is launching their brand new power solution “P1 7000 High Capacity Battery & Charger” at the event. LUXA2’s P1 power bank was expertly engineered to provide high output charging in a very compact design.  It is compatible with most USB devices on the market, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  With this power source, you can charge an iPhone 3.5 times from empty to full. You can also charge an iPad 2 from empty to 78% fullness, which gives you 7 extra hours of usage time. Its lightweight and portable design also makes for easy carrying so users never have to go without power.


The 2012 Red Dot best design awarded “BT-X3 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones” are also on display for users to experience the power of pure wireless music.  A great addition to its product line, the headphones are perfect to be used with iPod, iPhone, Android phones and other smart mobile devices. BT-X3 is expertly engineered and designed to produce unbeatable sound quality and audio experience. The combination of precision sounds and excellent performance makes BT-X3 perfect for mobile phone users who want crystal clear in-call voice quality and enjoyable music listening experience with wireless connectivity.


LUXA2’s H10 iPhone Bike Mount has won 2012 COMPUTEX design & innovation award.  LUXA2 H10 Bike Mount is perfect for people who love sports like cycling, biking and even boating! With H10 Bike Mount, iPhone is kept safely in an IPX 4 water resistance rated case, which means that your phone with the case is all-around splash proof. H10 Bike Mount protects your precious device from rain, dirt, mud and other mishaps that come with a sporty lifestyle.



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A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking eSports to new heights in the professional gaming industry. We do this through research, innovation and developing superior quality products from the ground up. Pro’s trust our gear because we equip them with everything they need to dominate in the lobby.