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Tt eSPORTS collaborating with Artificial Muscle to bring ViviTouch to a new pro-gaming headset: SHOCK One Console

 Taipei, Taiwan – May 31st, 2012 – Tt eSPORTS, the subdivision brand of Thermaltake and the leading expert in e-Sports pro-gaming products, is announcing the official collaboration with Artificial Muscle, Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer MaterialScience LLC, to cooperate on a pro-gaming headset with the most dynamic sensations to date – SHOCK One Console. By integrating Artificial Muscle’s cutting-edge ViviTouch® actuators, players will immediately feel a closer connection to their gaming experience with full-spectrum sensitivity and responsiveness via the Tt eSPORTS headset – SHOCK One Console.

as the most dedicated and supportive e-Sports brand by the community, Tt eSPORTS is elevating the gaming headset technology to new heights, collaborating with Artificial Muscle to deliver sensational vibrations from the headset, capable of generating hundreds of ultra-sensitive and accurate vibrating nodes to enhance the game’s acoustic effect. Tt eSPORTS’ SHOCK One headsets have long served one purpose: Exceed Expectations; with its advanced bass-enhanced sound quality, gamers can now expect more from the new SHOCK member - SHOCK One Console. “By bringing ViviTouch® actuators to headphones,” said Dirk Schapeler, president and CEO of Artificial Muscle, Inc., “our goal has been to bridge the gap between seeing and hearing, creating an unparalleled audio experience. We’re excited to work with Tt eSPORTS to make video games come alive like never before.”

Source: Artificial Muscle, Inc.
First introduced to market in the fall of 2011, the amazing ViviTouch® actuator technology was demonstrated in handheld devices with “HD feel” and is now being applied in a new way to headphones. And when combined with Tt eSPORTS’ expertise and passion in gaming headsets, the e-Sports community will be facing a revolutionized acoustic sensation when gaming in FPS, Racing, or MMORPG. Together with Tt eSPORTS’ other pro-gaming peripherals, gaming will be more than just a competition, but also an acoustically stimulating process as well.

ViviTouch® EAP technology is also customizable, such that the vibrating sections can be tuned to perfectly match the game’s acoustic setting. Combining realistic visual presentation that we have seen on First-Person scenario games on the market, ViviTouch® actuator-based acoustic technology can definitely shake up the world of e-Sports, exclusive only through Tt eSPORTS.

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