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Tt eSPORTS introducing Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag,
and CHAO Messenger/Waist Bags to accessorize
your game
- Available Worldwide in 2013-2014 -


October 30th, 2012 – Taipei, Taiwan – Tt eSPORTS is introducing a new series of accessory bags for gaming keyboard and media gadgets for your travelling convenience: the Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag, CHAO Messenger Bag and CHAO Waist Bag – available 2012-2013 worldwide.


Continuation from the Battle Dragon Bag
In the beginning of 2012 Tt eSPORTS introduced the Battle Dragon Bag, and was designed for team Tt Apollos and team Tt Dragons’ road-trip tournaments and events. After e-Sports community’s request made available for other gamers, the bag became the signature e-Sports backpack for LAN Party gamers and travellers. In 2012-2013, Tt eSPORTS is launching the Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag, specifically designed for those who travel with their gaming keyboard, and a great way to store/protect their keyboard gears.




Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag: Key Features
  The Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag can fit in either mechanical or membrane keyboards. Whether it’s Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit or CHALLENGER Ultimate, the bag fits both kinds perfectly. It’s not just for traveling purpose but also serves to protect your gear with the specialized dust/water resistant materials, and soft-pad cushioning designs to absorb the accidental pressures and travelling comfort.
Straps are also provided to add further secure lock-in protection for the keyboard inside. Other additional pockets can also contain gadgets such as tablets, mouse pad, and other gaming gears.  


Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Keyboard Bag MSRP 49.99 USD


Tt eSPORTS CHAO Messenger and Waist Bags: Key Features
After the CHAO collections were introduce in Summer 2012, both the DRACCO headset series and CHAO clothing have been the highlights in e-Sports community. DRACCO headsets are great for music and also popular amongst pro-gamers when competing on live broadcast, showcasing Tt eSPORTS CHAO DRACCO headsets and CHAO t-shirts. For 2012-2013, CHAO collections will add both the Messenger Bag and the Waist Bag designed for easy travels with full-gear protections:




CHAO Messenger Bag and Waist Bag:
  Travelling with CHAO style, the Messenger Bag by Tt eSPORTS features 49cm-wide space created for travelling with multiple gaming and media gadgets. Multi-tasking your gaming loads with the CHAO Messenger Bag is also easier than ever. 11 individual pockets to allocate gadgets and the bag’s specialized water/dust resistant materials offer durable traveling experience.
Extended wide-space design and the exterior Battle Dragon theme are created for you to travel light with CHAO style. Adjustable strap and soft back-padding design offer comfortable traveling experience. 

Tt eSPORTS CHAO Messenger Bag MSRP 69.99 USD
Tt eSPORTS CHAO Waist Bag MSRP 34.99 USD

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