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Global Product Launch
The Level 10 M Mouse - Blazing Red limited edition

Available worldwide in November/December 2012

Taipei, Taiwan – November 12th, 2012 - Tt eSPORTS is pleased to announce the the Level 10 M Mouse – Blazing Red limited edition – is now available worldwide in November/December. After September 2012’s successful launch and its amazing sales figures, the limited edition Blazing Red is finally available worldwide at specified retail/online stores.

Collaborated with BMW Group DesignworksUSA for the second time, the Level 10 design continued to amaze the world in June 2012 when the fourth new M Mouse member – the Blazing Red – was introduced at Taipei’s COMPUTEX exhibition. Ever since in January 2012 both teams worked constantly to challenge the ordinary concept and strived to achieve for better industrial designs that immediately connect users with their computer peripherals. Sophisticated design concepts bring out multiple features and functions, the Level 10 M Mouse has proven itself to be exclusive and one-and-only computer peripheral product in 2012. Successfully translating the same Level 10 design language since 2008, to realizing the concept on the M Mouse in 2012, this Blazing Red masterpiece is now available at specified retailer stores and online stores in the US, in Europe and Asia.

Level 10 M Mouse – Features

3D Steering Axis Movement: Level 10 M Mouse is designed with open structure in between top and base segments, and the space in between the mouse also serves to adjust the height and angle via steering axis, greatly enhance user’s comfort in a personalized fashion.
Solid Aluminum base: Aluminum base is one of the toughest chemical materials with character of high resistance to corrosion, and commonly used in aerospace industry and architectural purpose. Level 10 M Mouse is designed with solid aluminum material to ensure mouse’s durability and tenaciousness.
Air-Through Ventilation System: This ventilation solution strengthens the possibility of a better air and temperature exchange as a means of passive ventilation. Through the perforated surface, issues such as heavy use of the Level 10 M Mouse and the rise of temperatures of the hand are significantly reduced.
Intelligent Software Application: Level 10 M Mouse is a programmable gaming mouse capable of using the most comprehensive software application to customize settings based on gamer's needs. Specifically, the Z key can be programed to switch up to 5 gaming profiles. Other features such as the polling rate and the 7 lighting-effect colors are also customizable through software.

The mission of Level 10 Mouse
Since 2009 Tt eSPORTS has dedicated itself to the mission of delivering the best gaming experience to the world. Tt eSPORTS continuously serves the e-sports community, satisfying the needs of the members of the e-sports family. Following the success of partnering with DesignworksUSA, Tt eSPORTS’ latest creation, the Level 10 M Mouse, is a testimony. Its appearance and its innovative elements trigger the world’s imagination.
Level 10 M Mouse – Blazing Red, MSRP USD 99.99
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