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● Thermaltake digital power: world premier of Toughpower Grand Digital and Toughpower XT Digital.

● Tt eSPORTS gaming headset: world premier of Level 10 M headset, the pinnacle of world-class high technology and revolutionary design ideas.

● LUXA2 power bank series: the new robust power solutions include 2,500mAh, 7,000mAh & 11,000mAh power banks.



Hannover, Germany – February 21, 2013Thermaltake Group with its three brands of -Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2 will be presenting a great number of premieres at CeBIT2013 in Hannover during 5th to 9th of March (Booth number: F12 in Hall 15). The three brands are carrying the corporate vision of “building Thermaltake Technology into a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology, and lifestyle”, by successfully redefining and emphasizing the leading role in PC DIY solutions, professional gaming gear and unique, functional Apple accessories to provide an innovative experience to worldwide users!



At this year’s CeBIT2013, Thermaltake Group will celebrate the world premier together with BMW Designworks USA for the Level 10 M headset. World-class technology and new design ideas with unprecedented aesthetics and e-Sports culture which break beyond conventional boundaries are to be featured by Tt eSPORTS, a division of Thermaltake Group and BMW Designworks USA at the opening ceremony on 5th of March at the CeBIT2013 Show!



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Thermaltake Technology presents innovative products and technologies from three brands:


Thermaltake : Luminary in PC DIY development


Being the industry dominating brand in PC DIY solutions, chassis, power supply unit, air and liquid cooling solutions, Thermaltake unveils a series of new high quality innovations from the Chaser and Urban case series. A continuation on Thermaltake’s tradition of innovative design and edgy technology particularly for gaming enthusiasts. Being the market pioneer in both liquid-cooling and air-cooling, Thermaltake will introduce the new Water3.0 all-in-one Liquid Cooling Series, NiC air Cooling Series, and GOrb II NB cooler. Additionally, for the high-end PSU offering, Thermaltake will introduce brand new approach on two series of digital power solutions; they are Toughpower Grand Digital 750W/850W/1050W and Toughpower XT Digital 750W/850W/1050W, also the Turbocharged PSU Evo Blue 2.0. From stunning enclosure exterior to ultra-high quality power up and ventilation, Thermaltake products demonstrate that each and every element of PC DIY is worth assembling with the excellence it deserves.


Tt eSPORTS : Trendsetter in the e-Sports gear segment


During CeBIT 2013, Tt eSPORTS will proudly present the design collaboration of Thermaltake Group and Designworks USA: the Level 10 M headset, which is inspired by the Level 10 case and Level 10 M mouse, the super e-Sports gear excite with a breathtaking design and outstanding operating dynamics. The Level 10 M headset will be making its first public appearance at the press conference on 5th March at the show!


Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-Sports gaming peripherals, is also prepared to launch a series of new pro-gaming e-Sports product lines from mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse pads at CeBIT 2013. Tt eSPORTS is showcasing its MEKA G1 Backlight, MEKA G-Unit Red Switch/ Backlight/ Battle edition, and MEKA G1 PRIME edition pro-gaming keyboards. Further, the 4 colors of Level 10 M Mouse collaborated with BMW DesignworksUSA and THERON pro-gaming mouse Collections will be released. For the pro-gaming headsets, CRONOS, CHAO DRACCO series, CONSOLE One and ISURUS DUB deliver the most amazing listening experience with lifestyle unique characteristics. In addition, Tt eSPORTS also offers pro-gaming Accessories and Mouse Pads such as BAHAMUT sound card, CHAO ECHO add-on microphone, GALERU mouse bungee, HYPERION headset stand, PYRRHUS by PRIME Team, LADON pro-gaming mouse pad, and White-Ra limited edition mouse pad.


LUXA2 : Versatility at its best


LUXA2, the premier designer and manufacturer of unique and functional mobile accessories including headphones, holders and cases, continues to create excellent products for mobile device users. This year at CeBIT, LUXA2 put stronger focus on accessories, aluminum mobile holders, Bluetooth audio solutions and power bank solutions, the new lineup of accessories including the brand new BT-400 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, H7 Mini Dura Mount, also LUXA2 will debut its new portable power solution and iPad mini and iPhone 5 protective and stylish accessories. LUXA2 will debut their portable power solution which includes P1 7,000mAh power bank, P2 11,000mAh High Capacity Batteries as well as P3 2,500mAh ultra lightweight slimpack.


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