Sponsor Proposal Guide

Tt eSPORTS created the guide for teams who wanted to join the team with providing us information about your team. From all the information provided, we will have a better understanding for your team! We love to read your interesting stories about your team or you towards gaming and competition. Therefore, with the guide, it provides you all the steps that you need to know and need to do.

Ensure all information provided was accurate and precise. You will need to provide us the information on why we should sponsor you or your team as we need to know why and how we can help you on the sponsor, plus what the sponsor will gain. A full description will be awesome and we will surely sponsor we think you have a wonderful proposal.

Tt eSPORTS also wanted to know where our logo will be appearing on. Will it be on the team uniforms, official websites, promotional videos or any social media? This information will be crucial for us to know as increasing brand awareness is one of the most important aims for the sponsorship.

You need to be clear about the needs for the sponsorship. Please let us know what you¡¦re interested in for the sponsorship. Below information is something we¡¦re looking forward to know from all teams:

- Team achievements
- Examples of work done with other sponsors
- Successful partnership done in the past (Stats and pictures need to be included)

Make sure you fill in and submit all the required information correctly. Stunning graphics can be attention grabbing, but we need to have great content! Also, don¡¦t be shy! Show us how good you are in the proposal and we will review the request and we will reach out to you!

For further advice and information please feel free to submit the application HERE

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